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Devotees of Andavar

Shri Reddiapatti Swamigal devotees also called as "Adiyargal", who live in different parts of the world are kind hearted and very strong believers of Andavar. They are always happy and peaceful in whatever they do. They attribute these to the blessings of Andavar. There are devoted families who are believers in Andavar and followers of Arulsattam for generations. Arulsakthi Annai also known as The mother is the prime disciple of Andavar who was entrusted with the responsibility of spreading Arulsattam by Andavar himself. Till date, Arulsattam has been spreading across different parts of the world by devotees sharing their wonderful experiences in following Arulsattam, with others. For the addresses and contact details of devotees, please contact

❝ The Arulsattam is simply a way of life and is the rich distilled essence of all the great religions of the world ❞