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'Guru' means 'Teacher' - the one who teaches us the way to shed ignorance, one who makes us more knowledgeable. A spiritual guru shows us the path to eternal bliss, the path to self realization. Shri Reddiapatti Swamigal, affectionately and respectfully called by the devotees as Gurunathar or Andavar is the Guru who gave the world the divine path of Arulsattam - the path to Salvation or Jeevan Mukthi. Mukthi is the liberation from the birth cycle. Bhakthi means devotion, Guru Bhakthi is devotion to God. Vedas and Vedantas say Guru Bhakthi is more important than bhakthi to God. So it is essential that one needs a spiritual Guru in their life to lead them ultimately to salvation.

For his true devotees, Andavar guides them in everything they do, in some way, shape or form. He alleviates the pain experienced by the soul because of the bad karma in this birth or because of the karma dues from the previous births. One has to nullify the effect of good deeds and bad deeds in order to end the cycle of births. Andavar takes care of this complex calculation for each of his devotees the moment they undertake Arulsattam in their life.

People who follow Arulsattam in their life, can definitely experience joy and see improvement in the quality of their life. Even today, we can see people whose problems vanish one after another after accepting Arulsattam as their way of life. Numerous cases of devotees getting cured of their life long disease, devotees whose personal and family problems resolved, devotees whose business issues solved peacefully are all testimonies of Andavar's blessings in their life and benefits they get by following Arulsattam.

This section of the website will soon be updated with a brief life sketch of our Guru Shri Reddiapatti Swamigal, some experiences of his current devotees and incidents in their life that made them strong believers of Andavar and other interesting real life incidents of devotees who benefitted from Andavar's blessings in the earlier part of last century. For more information please contact

❝ The Arulsattam is simply a way of life and is the rich distilled essence of all the great religions of the world ❞